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Why Skellerup
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Why Skellerup

What we do

Skellerup designs and manufactures components and products used in a wide range of everyday applications that often must meet stringent food, drinking water, hygiene and safety standards. Our focus is on delivering innovative new products and improvements, keeping our customers ahead of the curve.

Our highly experienced and technical team of over 800 people spans multiple geographies. We have world-class design, manufacturing and distribution facilities in New Zealand, Australia, China, the UK, Italy, and the US.

Industrial and retail

Industrial & Retail

We design and manufacture products to perform in a wide range of critical applications. Our products are used in potable and waste water applications, control systems, construction and mobile equipment.


Sport & Leisure

Skellerup’s products are utilised in a variety of recreational settings, from marine, to snow, to field sports including rugby, hockey and more.

Medical and Health

Medical, Health & Hygiene

Our products and components play a vital role in the equipment that helps to treat and heal patients and keep front-line workers safe.



Skellerup’s products are used in various home applications such as taps, showers, HVAC, roofing, solar kitchen appliances and plumbing, and more.



Our vacuum systems, seals, injectors, couplings and gaskets are utilised throughout the transport industry.



Skellerup’s food-grade rubberware, filters and animal hygiene products are critical to the safe supply of dairy products throughout the world. Our protective rubber footwear is not only used on farms but also for specialty applications including fire, forestry and electrical distribution.

Agri Division

The Agri Division is a world leader in the manufacture and design of essential consumables for the dairy industry.

Our Agri Division is a world leader in the design and manufacture of essential consumables for the global dairy industry. Skellerup is the second largest manufacturer of food-grade dairy rubberware in the world. Our products safeguard milk quality, and animal health and welfare.

Our Agri division is also home to rubber footwear. Our iconic Red Band gumboot celebrated 65 years in 2023. Today our range is much more than boots for the farm. We design and manufacture specialist boots for use in firefighting, forestry and electrical industries.

During FY23, sales growth and gross margin improvements combined to increase earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) by one percent over the prior corresponding period (pcp) to a record $34.0 million.

Revenue by Geography FY23

Revenue by Geography FY23

Our Businesses - Agri

Skellerup Industries (SIL) is the world leader in the design and manufacture of food-grade dairy products including liners, tubing and filters for customers throughout the world. SIL also designs and manufactures footwear for specialist applications. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, SIL employs around 200 people and has a reputation built over 100 years of high quality, innovative and dependable product solutions.


Conewango is a distributor of premium milk liners, tubing, and accessories. Conewango liners are sold through a network of 200 dealers for resale to dairy farms throughout the United States and Canada.


Ambic is a world leading specialist in the development, production and distribution of dairy hygiene and livestock health management products. In particular, Ambic is the world’s leading supplier of mastitis prevention and mastitis detection equipment.


Silclear designs and manufactures innovative silicone products for international customers in the dairy and medical industries using food grade materials for maximum strength, tear resistance and optical clarity.


Industrial Division

Our Industrial Division designs and manufactures high-value components for critical applications worldwide.

Our Industrial Division designs and manufactures products that often combine multiple materials such as rubber, plastic and metals to perform in a wide range of critical applications.

Products used in potable (drinkable) and wastewater applications across the world continue to be the largest slice of Industrial Division revenue. Our deep material knowledge enables us to change our product formulations to meet increasingly demanding standards and combine materials to deliver valuable solutions to our key customers is key to our ongoing growth.

During FY23, Industrial earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) increased by five per cent over the prior corresponding period (pcp) to a record $42.9 million.

Revenue by Application FY22

Revenue by Application FY23

Our Businesses - Industrial

Gulf Rubber is a global designer and manufacturer of precision-engineered rubber and plastic products and components for OEM customers. Products include pipe seals, diaphragms, washers, gaskets, customised rubber mouldings, check valves, O-rings and other components for a wide range of automotive, industrial, infrastructural pipe, valve and medical applications.



Tumedei designs and manufactures high-precision technical products used in flow control or water management, appliance, automotive and other industrial industries. Tumedei is a global leader in the specialised design and manufacture of fabric reinforced diaphragms and rubber metal seat valves & injector components used in automotive gas applications.


Masport designs and manufactures vacuum pump systems mainly for the North American market. Masport pumps, systems and components are used in transport of liquid waste for the portable toilet industry and to transport water for the oil and gas extraction industry.


DEKS designs and supplies waterproofing and sealing products for roofing, plumbing and civil/underground applications. Operating internationally, Deks has a strong market presence in Australia, North America, Asia and Europe. DEKS brands are internationally recognised and have been sold throughout the world for more than 40 years.

For Australian, Asia, Middle East and South American customers:

For North American customers:

For UK and European customers:

SRS designs and manufactures engineered rubber and plastic products for customers in domestic and international markets across dairy, civil, roofing, plumbing, HVAC electrical, construction and a broad range of other industrial applications.


Talbot designs and manufactures injection-moulded and thermoformed engineered plastic products. Talbot’s expertise in tool design, polymers, moulding and assembly provides critical capability to customers in demanding medical, health, electronics and industrial applications.


Ultralon designs, manufactures and sells high quality closed cell cross-linked foam in a wide range of densities and polymer types including EVA, PE and many blended foams to a range of global customers. Our products are used in a range of applications including marine, sports, leisure, orthotic/prosthetic and construction applications.


Flexiflo is a patented, purpose-built Live Wall System for installation in new and existing chutes, to remove the potential of blockage problems and reduce wear of chutes to enhance mine uptime and productivity.


Skellerup strengths

Proven track record of earnings and cashflow growth

Proven track record of earnings
and cashflow growth

Excellent year-on-year performance with a robust balance sheet, growing cash flow, low debt and a strong dividend yield.

A track record for rapid R&D

A reputation
for rapid R&D

Our team know their markets and customers, leading to rapid R&D based on real, quantifiable customer needs.

Focus on products in key markets

Focus on products
in key markets

Our products are essential components in the delivery of food, water, infrastructure and health.

Highly experienced technical team

Highly experienced
technical team

Our team are highly skilled and trained, from our technical salespeople through to our product designers. We understand our customers and markets.

Customer relationships with growth potential

Customer relationships
with growth potential

We have strong and deep relationships with our 4,500 customers, where we continue to deliver new products and developments.

Strong relationships across global markets

Strong relationships across
global markets

We are a global business with world-class manufacturing and distribution facilities, serving customers and markets all around the world.

Sustainable growth

Increasing sustainable financial returns is central to Skellerup’s philosophy.

Sustainability at Skellerup has broad meaning. It means working closely with customers so that we truly understand their needs to enable us to build long-lasting, valuable relationships. It means developing and investing in our people so that we have the expertise to grow and sustainably meet our customers’ needs. And it means minimising emissions and waste to ensure our activities contribute positively to the communities and environments in which we operate.

We’ve made improvements to our emissions, including cutting scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gases at our largest site, Wigram, by 5 percent in FY21. We’ve also invested in initiatives to replace coal-powered boilers with natural gas. And we continue to reduce packaging use, which has also reduces costs and generates more productive time for our business. We’re committed to a sustainable strategy of growth in our business. See our annual report for more on our sustainability story.

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